• F2P - Accusations - Cadence Lux & Sinthia Bee

Cadence is not at all happy that colleague Sinthia got the promotion to which she feels entitled. Determined to take Sinthia down for this, Cadence breaks into her home and lies in wait for her. When Sinthia enters, she is startled to see Cadence, and even more surprised when Cadence threatens her and forces her to undress. She wants photographs of Sinthia naked in order to sabotage her new career. When Cadence's guard is down, Sinthia gets the upper hand and makes Cadence strip out of her clothes too. The situation escalates when the girls start physically fighting, rolling around on the floor and pulling one another's hair. Sinthia, having called the boss to come and help her when Cadence had the upper hand, is horrified when he arrives and sees the two women behaving in this manner, and he decides to fire them both.

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F2P - Accusations - Cadence Lux & Sinthia Bee

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