• F2P - Don't Make Us Strip - Cadence Lux & Juliette March

8 minutes 50 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 409.5 MB

Cadence and Juliette have just walked in the door after a fun day out, only to be confronted by an intruder. They both jump when they see him, terrified. Cadence offers him her jewelry in the hope that he will just leave, but he says he already has that. Clearly, he wants something more. The girls are mortified when he tells them he wants to see them naked, and orders them to take off their clothes. They both try to stall, desperately hoping for a way out of this humiliating situation, but as the man becomes impatient, it becomes clear that they really don't have any choice. Little by little, they remove their clothes, closely watched by the intruder who gets uncomfortably close to them. Finally, he is ready to leave, but he also wants to make sure they can't call the police as soon as he walks out of the door. He therefore makes them step out onto the back deck, elevated far off the ground, and locks them out there. Completely naked, the girls are both cold and embarrassed, realizing how awful it will be when someone finally rescues them. They are too far away from the road to summon help, so all they can do is huddle together for warmth and wait.

F2P - Don't Make Us Strip - Cadence Lux & Juliette March

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