• F2P - Four in One: Volume 19 (MP4) - Madison Swan, Claire Irons, Vika, Cassandra Cain & Tilly McReese

Madison Swan: Madison Swan Is Clothesjacked
Time: 9 minutes 41 seconds
Madison has just arrived home and is looking forward to a relaxing evening. What she gets instead is an armed man leaning in through the open window of her van, telling her she has to remove her clothes because he wants them. In fact, he wants everything, her clothes, her money, or and her van. Unable to do anything to help herself, Madison is compelled to obey and starts by wriggling out of her tight skirt. Her bodysuit and tank top quickly follow, leaving her wearing nothing but her high heeled shoes. The man needs to make sure she won't raise the alarm before he gets safely away, so he makes Madison climb out of the van, ties her hand behind her back and leads her into the woods. He plans to tie her to a tree and leave her there, naked, until she can escape or until someone finds her. How embarrassing.

Claire Irons: The Principal's Humiliation
Time: 13 minutes 26 seconds
Claire has been photographed in a very compromising situation by a paparazzo who then decides to extort money from her before trying to sell them to a newspaper. This is very awkward for Claire who is the principal of a school full of teenage girls, and in her position of trust, she is very vulnerable to public opinion. Indiscreet photographs will cost her her sterling reputation and her career, and the only hope she has of preventing exposure is to do what the paparazzo wants... and what he wants is to watch her undress in front of him. Embarrassed, Claire begins to disrobe, asking why she should trust this low life. The fact is, she really doesn't have any choice.Claire keeps trying to stall, but her blackmailer forces her to take off her bra and her panties, leaving her completely naked. Can he be trusted to give her the photos and keep the video he has just recorded private? Naaaa.

Vika: May I Use Your Phone?

Time: 6 minutes 56 seconds
Vika and her boyfriend have had an argument and he has thrown her out of his car, driving off with her purse and her cell phone. When the stranded girl comes across a house in the wilderness, she asks the owner if she can use his phone to call someone to come and collect her. He agrees that she can, but only if she is willing to take off her clothes in front of him. In fact, he won't even let her into the house until she is naked, even though there is a sharp autumn chill in the air. Vika is appalled that he would take advantage of her like this, but seeing that he really won't help her unless she complies, she begins to undress. The man encourages her to throw her clothing through the open door to avoid it getting dirty. Vika worries that he might shut the door and locked her out when she has removed all of her clothes, but he promises he would not do that... except, he does.

Tilly McReese & Cassandra Cain: If You Want To Keep Your Jobs
Time: 9 minutes 36 seconds
Tilly and Cassandra are secretaries at a company in the process of downsizing. It currently employs four office staff but can only afford to keep two of them on. The boss is having a hard time deciding who to keep and who to let go, until he comes up with a criterion that should really determine their level of loyalty to the company. He begins with Tilly and Cassandra, telling that that he will keep them on and let the other girls go if they are willing to undress in front of him, and then sit down at their desks and carry on working the rest of the day while naked. The girls look shocked and then disbelieving - did they really hear the boss correctly? When he stresses that they are the first pair to receive this offer, and if they refuse he will make it to the other two girls. If they are willing to go along with his instructions, Tilly and Cassandra will be the ones to lose their jobs. Both desperately in need to continuing employment, the girls reluctantly stand up and begin taking off their clothes while the boss looks on. They ask if he could at least turn around while they do this, but he refuses. Embarrassed, both girls strip down to their bra and panties, and are then faced with the final challenge in keeping their positions.

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F2P - Four in One: Volume 19 (MP4) - Madison Swan, Claire Irons, Vika, Cassandra Cain & Tilly McReese

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