• F2P - Four in One: Volume 14 (MP4) - Nikki Brooks, Cadence Lux, Lana Luxor & Jamie Daniels

1. Nikki Brooks: The Poacher
Dave is the warden on a nature reserve when rare species of owl are protected. Lately, Dave has hired Mike to perform the day to day patrols, regularly checking areas where the rare birds are located. On this particular day, he comes across one Nikki Brooks, a snobbish, rich woman who thinks she can do whatever she likes because she has money. He knows from examining records for well-know egg thieves that this is not her first offense. She has been prosecuted before and simply bought her way out of trouble. She is confident that she can do so again, but she has reckoned without the likes of Mike. He does not see things in quite the same legal manner as his boss. He believes people like Nikki need a different kind of punishment, that public humiliation will hurt them far more than any financial penalty. He decides to put his theory to the test. He forces Nikki to remove her clothes, ignoring her attempts to bribe him. Once she is naked, he handcuffs her and takes her clothes, telling her that she can find her clothes and a key to the handcuffs when she reaches the park lodge, a long walk due east through the woods in bare feet. Nikki is furious, but since throwing a tantrum is not cutting any ice with this guy, she realizes she has no choice. She struggles through the trees, standing on sharp stones and patches on mud, making her manicured feet filthy. She hates it. Eventually, more by luck than anything, she stumbles across the park lodge. She hurries to the front door, expecting to find a key to the cuffs and a pile of her clothes, but there is nothing there. Nothing, that is, except a notice on the door stating, "Family Emergency. Back Tomorrow."

2. Cadence Lux: No Fly List
Cadence is trying to board a flight and has been taken aside by a TSA officer after trace amounts of potentially hazardous chemicals were detected on her shoes. Cadence claims she has no idea where these came from, saying that she must have walked through something. The TSA officer is not sure if she is telling the truth and believes she may be a danger to other passengers. When Cadence insists that she knows nothing about it, the TSA officer says that they will need to search her clothes as well as her luggage, and that she will need to remove everything. Cadence refuses. The TSA officer tells her that if she does not cooperate, she may find herself added to the no fly list. For Cadence, who travels often, this would be disastrous. She asks to be checked by a female TSA officer, but she is told they are all currently busy. When she says she will wait, the male TSA officer explains that she may have to wait for up to an hour, which means she would miss her flight. In the hope of getting this over with, Cadence reluctantly agrees to the humiliating experience of stripping in front of this guy. She must then stand there naked while her clothing is being checked. After some minutes, she is informed that there are also trace chemicals on her clothing and that she will be remanded into custody for further interrogation.

3. Lana Luxor: Save The Company
Dave created a successful company, but after it went public, Lana, his new CEO, was largely responsible for voting him out, taking away his control over his own business. Furious, Dave departs and retires to live the quiet life in a rustic location. The company thrived for a while with Lana at the helm, but when shareholder returns drop quarter after quarter, she realizes that the company is in big trouble. Finally, just three months away from probable bankruptcy, Lana realizes the only chance of saving it is to ask Dave to come back. She turns up at his home, explains the situation and begging him to return and turn things around.Enjoying his moment of triumph, Dave tells Lana to get down on her knees and beg. As humiliating as it is to do this, Lana kneels and asks again, being Dave to help her. He says he is thinking about it, but it may help his decision making if Lana were to strip in front of him and let him see her naked body. Naturally, Lana is indignant at this sexist treatment, declaring that she certainly will not strip for him. Dave shrugs, wishing her good luck with the company. This is the point where Lana realizes she really has no choice, and starts to undress.The worst part is, she is pretty sure Dave will make her kneel down and beg again once she is naked.

4. Jamie Daniels: Caught You At Last
Jamie has been caught by a retired cop who pursued her for years when he was still on the force. He decides to torment her for a while before calling his old colleagues to come and formally arrest her. First, he taunts Jamie as she stands with her hands on her head, forced to do as she is told. Things take an ugly turn when the ex-cop tells her he wants her to strip out of her clothes. A very indignant Jamie refuses, but the guy has the drop on her, and despite her reluctance, she has no choice other than to comply. After removing her dream and standing in front of him in her bra, panties and stockings, she still insists on bad-mouthing him, which only makes things worse for her. He makes her finish stripping, then he tells her to sit in a chair, naked. Just when Jamie thinks her situation could not get any worse, the ex-cop produces zip ties and secures her wrists, arms and ankles, and neck. Now Jamie can't cover herself and she is totally at this guy's mercy. It's not a good place to be, but even now she can't help being sassy. This earns her a strip of duct tape stuck over her mouth to keep her quiet. This has got to be the worst citizen's arrest ever.

F2P - Four in One: Volume 14 (MP4) - Nikki Brooks, Cadence Lux, Lana Luxor & Jamie Daniels

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