• F2P - Four in One: Volume 13 (MP4) - Nikki Brooks, Tara, Becky LeSabre, Vonka Romanov & Lydia Lael

1. Nikki Brooks: A Nasty Surprise
Nikki arrives home one winter afternoon to find an intruder in her home. She asks, "Can I help you? What are you doing in my home?" When the intruder holds her up, she tells him that he can take all her money, but now that she is home, his attention has shifted elsewhere. He decides that he wants her to undress in front of him so that he can see her naked. Nikki outright refuses, but when threatened with lead poisoning, she lifts her dress and pulls it over her head. The intruder makes her remove her shoes and pantyhose until she is left wearing only her bra and panties... but that is not going to last for long. He moves in close and forces her to take off her bra, giving her rather ample breasts a close look. Finally, he demands that she take off her panties. Nikki looks as if she might cry, but she knows she has no choice. She thinks she knows what will come next, but to her surprise, the intruder tells her to go outside  in temperatures well below freezing, and sit down naked in the snow. Nikki is horrified but she can't refuse. She panics when the intruder backs into the house and closes the door on her.

2. Tara: Can You Help Me
Tara has taken a wrong turn and pulls up next to a house. There is a guy in the garden, so she calls out to see if he can help her with directions. He seems friendly enough, at least until he determines that she is traveling alone. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worst for Tara. The guy forces her to take off her clothes, and threatened by his behavior, she has no choice but to comply. When she is naked, he makes her get out of the car. He walks her to a garden seat and sits beside her, cuddling her. Tara squirms as much as she dare, desperate to get away. When at last the guy says she can leave, Tara runs to her car, climbs in, scrambles around looking for the keys, then remembers that the guy took them from her.

3. Becky LeSabre: I Need A Tow
Becky car has broken down during her drive to work. She manages to get it well off the road for safety and she has the hood up, hoping to see something obvious that's wrong. Unable to spot anything, she calls a towing company to come and help her, just before her phone's battery expires. After quite a wait, a tow truck arrives. Becky greets the driver enthusiastically, glad that she will soon be on her way. When the driver asks for payment up front, Becky realizes that she left her wallet at home. She can't even pay using her phone since it is without power. She tries to persuade the driver to tow her car while promising to pay him as soon as they arrive at the shop, but the driver is highly skeptical. Becky is growing desperate and wants to find a way out of this. She notices the driver is looking at her in a sexual way, and she pulls her jacket closed to ward off his interest. He finds this a little amusing, but is also gives him an idea. He tells Becky that if she is willing to strip in front of him, right there and then, he will give her the benefit of the doubt at tow her car; if not, she will have to fend for herself. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Becky realizes she has only one option if she ever wants to get to work today, and begins removing her clothes.

4. Vonka Romanov & Lydia Lael: Employees Of The Month
Lydia and Vonka decided they did not like Jim, a colleague at work who was certainly out-performing their lazy asses. To stop him making them look bad, they contrive a way to get him fired. The icing on the cake is that they are jointly given employee of the month awards for their vigilance at work. Jim, not content to let the matter slide, decides he needs some payback. One day after work, he intercepts Lydia and Vonka and takes them to his basement, the girls objecting all the way and pretending they have no idea what all this is about. They quieten down a bit when Jim tells them he is going to force them to strip. The girls start to look very uncomfortable and try to tell Jim that they will come clean, or file some appeal on his behalf, but he is not buying any of it. He orders them to remove their jackets, then their blouses, then their skirts. Standing before him in their underwear, both embarrassed and humiliated, they hope this ordeal will end there. However, Jim is far from finished with them. He makes them take off their stockings, bras and panties, then stands behind them, his arms around them, making them squirm is disgust. They hope Jim will let them go now, but he has one more thing in store for the girls. He handcuffs them together with their arms around a pole, then leaves them there naked and unable to free themselves. After fighting against their restraints for a while the girls realize there really is no escape, so they sit on the floor to wait it out, gathering up any clothes they can reach to cover themselves as best they can.

F2P - Four in One: Volume 13 (MP4) - Nikki Brooks, Tara, Becky LeSabre, Vonka Romanov & Lydia Lael

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