• F2P - Four in One: Volume 02 - Cali Logan, Tilly McReese, Cadence Lux Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz

Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz - Abuse of Authority
Time: 19 minutes 20 seconds
Becky is suspected of been selling drugs at her place of work, and her supervisor has notified the police. Officer Becky LeSabre has been dispatched to investigate the accusation. Becky is just emerging from the house to go to work as Sara arrives. When Becky tries to slam the door in the officer's face, she immediately assumes Becky's guilt and decides that she will have to treat her appropriately. Inside the house, Sara orders Becky to strip so that she can check for any concealed drugs. Becky resists and Sara is compelled to give her some assistance undressing. Because of Becky's uncooperative attitude, Sara decides to handcuff her prisoner. This seems to trigger her own evil side as she searches the naked girl; Sara begins to abuse her authority by groping her prisoner's breasts and checking her butt for contraband. When she finds nothing, she informs Becky that she is going to search the house and that she had better stay put. In Sara's absence, Becky recovers a hairpin from her jacket pocket and manages to pick the locks on the handcuffs - no novice to this situation is she. She jumps up and hides before Sara returns. When the police woman enters the room, Becky gets the drop on her and disarms her. Now she is in control and she orders Sara to take off her uniform. Sara seriously resists so Becky ends up undressing the officer herself. Eventually, Sara is down on her knees and completely naked. Becky now forces the girl to lock herself in her own handcuffs. Now it's Becky's turn to have some fun probing the naked police officer. In fact, she enjoys herself so much that she decides to call in sick for the day so that she can carry on having fun with this very cute cop.

Hannah Perez - Conference Call
Time: 12 minutes 03 seconds
Hannah has arranged a conference call via web cam with a colleague working in her company's Hong Kong office. She is relatively new and is handling a deal with Harper & Blaine, a big and important client that she dare not lose, trying to close the deal with them. However, as a newbie, she does not have the experience to negotiate the best terms for her company and the boss has instructed her to bring in one of their most experienced employees, Mason, who has an impressive closing rate. The trouble is, Mason is a total jerk and Hannah can't stand him. Nevertheless, in order to close the biggest deal of her career thus far, she swallows her pride and asks for the man's assistance. Mason plays hard to get with her, saying he is too busy, knowing full well that Hannah desperately needs him in on the deal. When he suggests that Hannah remove her clothes during the call, she is horrified and angry, refusing point blank to demean herself in this way. Mason threatens to withhold his help, backing Hannah into a corner. She removes her jacket and thrusts her chest out towards the camera, clearly angry, hoping this will be sufficient. However, Mason will not relent. Over the next ten minutes he manages to persuade Hannah to strip off until she is completely naked. Only then does he agree to work on the deal with her. Unfortunately, the call has taken longer than Hannah anticipated and a number of her colleagues return from lunch, walking in on the naked girl who doesn't know where to put her face.

Cali Logan & Tilly McReese - Humiliating the Boss
Time: 7 minutes 56 seconds
Cali has recently fired Tilly from her job for incompetence, not something that Tilly can take lying down. One evening when Cali arrives home from the office, Tilly jumps out and holds her up. She makes Cali stand in the middle of her lawn, in full view of passing traffic, and strip off her clothes. Cali challenges Tilly and demands that she stop this, but Tilly is in no mood to be reasonable. As Cali removes one item of clothing after another, she says despondently, "I don't want to do this." Tilly absolutely insists and makes her ex-boss keep going until she is completely naked. Now she forces Cali to stand facing the road, and even wolf-whistles to motorists who have stopped to look at this naked girl standing on her lawn. Several of them blow their horns in appreciation. When she has had enough of messing with Cali, Tilly climbs into the woman's Jeep and drives it away, taking all the keys with her and leaving Cali stranded naked outside her house. Cali frantically gathers up her clothes, grateful that Tilly did not take those too, but she has already suffered embarrassment and humiliation, something restoring her clothes will not banish. Maybe next time she'll think twice before firing an employee!

Cadence Lux - On the Run
Time: 8 minutes 11 seconds
Cadence is on the run from the police. With the law closing in, she dashes into a house hoping to be able to hide there for a while, but no sooner has she entered when a man challenges her, asking what she thinks she is doing in his home. When a police woman knocks on the front door, she pleads with the man not to give her up, promising that she has not done anything bad. The man is in two minds about whether to tell the police woman about her or not, but with an inkling of a plan forming in his mind, he answers the door and tells the police woman he has not seen the suspect they are looking for. When he returns, Cadence thanks him profusely, asking if she can just stay a short while until the police have gone. The man points out that he has just committed perjury by lying to the cop for her, and he wants something in return. Cadence looks worried, wondering if the man is after sexual favors, but he says all he wants her to do is strip off her clothes so that he can see her naked. Cadence doesn't like the idea and is on the point of refusing when the man threatens to call the cops back. In a panic, Cadence stops him and begins undressing, wondering if she would have been better off just letting the cops catch her.

F2P - Four in One: Volume 02 - Cali Logan, Tilly McReese, Cadence Lux Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz

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