• F2P - Four in One: Volume 17 - Vonka Romanov, Cadence Lux, Rachel Adams, Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz

Naked in the Snow - Vonka Romanov & Cadence Lux
Time: 16 minutes 01 seconds
Jasmine and Asher have a very perverted idea of fun. They like to intercept girls and make them remove their clothes, primarily so that Jasmine can steal them. On this occasion, they have intercepted Cadence on Vonka just before they got to their car to go out, forcing them around to the back of the house and making them stand in the snow. Jasmine is excited by their outfits and she and Asher tell the girls to undress. It's below freezing and the snow is icy; the last thing Cadence and Vonka want to do is remove their clothes. When they hesitate, the crazy couple decide to help them out, pulling off their coats for a better look at their victims. Cadence tells them to just take their money and Vonka offers her car, but Jasmine is far more interested in making her remove her dress. Asher, meanwhile, is undressing Vonka. Soon, the two girls are standing there in only bra and panties. It isn't long before Jasmine wants these too. The last things the couple take from the two girls are their shoes, leaving them standing barefoot in the snow. Cadence and Vonka are shaking with the cold, huddling up to one another from time to time in an effort to stay warm, but it's not working. The girls have to watch as Jasmine changes her clothes, donning all of Cadence's garments. When Jasmine and Asher prepare to leave, Cadence says, "Are you just going to leave us here, with no clothes or shoes." Jasmine just keeps them waiting for a while longer. Before departing, Jasmine calls back to them, "It's really cold out here. You guys should get some clothes." (This clip should only have been about ten minutes long, but Jasmine was enjoying herself so much that she went into mega-bitch mode, keeping poor Cadence and Vonka standing there naked twice as long as we planned. The girls rushed indoors when filming was over and lay down on the floor with their feet up against a radiator. And they thought Jasmine was such a nice girl when they first met her!).

It Wasn't Me - Rachel Adams
Time: 10 minutes 41 seconds
Sometimes, a cop has the enviable job of calling on a young woman who has been irrefutably caught break the law. In this case, he has called on Rachel Adams who has been caught on CCTV stealing clothes from a department store, the very clothes she is still wearing. It is the cop's job to seize those clothes as evidence for the prosecution when her case goes to court. One way to ensure that the clothes are obtained without damage is to make her remove them while he looks on. Rachel insists that she is innocent, declaring, "It wasn't me." The cop has seen the security footage and is absolutely convinced it was her. He forces her to strip out of all her clothes, then handcuffs her wrists together behind her back. He gathers up the clothes in order to take them out to his cruiser and place them in an evidence bag. He orders Rachel not to attempt running away, not that she is likely to flee into the street while naked and handcuffed. Grumbling to herself, she tries to get out of the cuffs in the cop's absence, but she can't. She knows she has been caught and sits down, waiting somewhat irritably for the officer's return.

Shoplifting Again - Hannah Perez
Time: 7 minutes 28 seconds
Hannah has been shoplifting again, this time from a department store called Marcy's. She does not realize that she was seen on closed-circuit TV, leaving the store without paying. The cops are called, and Hannah is soon forced to pull over onto the shoulder. A cop comes up to her window and asks to see her driver's license and registration. She can only produce the registration document which does help her case. When she asks what is wrong, the officer explains that she is wearing stolen clothes. He makes her step out of the vehicle and undress so that he can bag and tag the clothing as evidence. Hannah pleads with him not to make her do this on the roadside but the cop is adamant. She gets angry and pushes him, escalating the situation. The cop is now becoming angry and orders her to strip. With great reluctance, Hannah complies. When she is finally naked, the cop handcuffs her and marches her away to his cruiser.

Take Off Your Clothes - Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz
Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds
Becky and Sara Liz are just hanging out in the kitchen, Becky texting and Sara washing dishes, when a man bursts into the house and holds them up. The girls huddle together as the man threatens them, ordering them to take off all their clothes. Mystified, they start to undress, wondering what the world is coming to - there was a time when people broke into houses to steal valuables, but these days there seems to be a spate of robberies involving clothing. The girls are forced to strip and place their clothes in a plastic bag for the thief to take away with him. They watch as he departs, inviting him not to come back.

F2P - Four in One: Volume 17 - Vonka Romanov, Cadence Lux, Rachel Adams, Hannah Perez, Becky LeSabre & Sara Liz

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