• F2P - I Can't Pay (4K and HD) - Cadence Lux

Both 4K and HD versions included.

Cadence has received two unsecured loans to get her out of a financial hole, but now that it's time to repay the debt, she is having trouble raising the money, again. The lender has let himself into her house to await her return home, making sure that she can't avoid him any more. Confronted by a situation where she must pay off at least some of her debt, Cadence basically has her back against the wall. If she wants more time to pay without some heavies coming round to teach her a lesson, she will need to give the lender something in kind, such as a good look at her naked body. Cadence asks him, "What do you think I am? An escort or something?" He neither knows nor cares. All he wants is to watch her undress in front of him and let him having a look at her smooth, young flesh. If, after this, she still can't come up with some money, she may find herself having to go further than just getting naked.

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F2P - I Can't Pay (4K and HD) - Cadence Lux

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