• F2P - Office Embarrassment (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence is diligently working at her firm, writing letters and answering calls on her headset, a model of efficiency, at least until a window opens on her monitor and she can see herself. A call simultaneously comes in and a man's voice informs her that she needs to do exactly what he tells her, or he will steal her identity and empty out her bank account. The first thing she needs to do is remove all her clothes right there in the office where he can watch her strip. Speaking quietly, she explains that there are colleagues in the next room, that she can't just get naked. When the caller says he will carry out his threat, she panics and takes off her jacket. She desperately does not want to do this, but she is convinced she will lose everything if she doesn't. She removes her top and her skirt, revealing her bra and panties, and the fact that she is wearing thigh high stockings. Evidently enjoying the view, the caller makes her remove her bra followed by her stockings. When it comes to the panties, Cadence begs him not to make her continue. What about her colleagues? He instructs her to not only remove her panties, but also to get up and walk into the adjacent office when she is completely naked.

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F2P - Office Embarrassment (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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