• F2P - It's Your Choice - Becca

7 minutes 01 seconds:  An official from the D.A.'s office is paying Becca a visit. She has a huge number of outstanding parking tickets, so many that, rather than send a cop to bring her in, someone with rank is going to do it instead and make an example of her. When she sees the man produce handcuffs from his jacket pocket, Becca tries to reason with him, saying that she has enough money to pay some of the ticket. The real question is, why has she not done so on her own recognizance. When the official moves in to put the cuffs on Becca's wrists, she asks if there isn't some other way to handle this. The official pauses, then tells her that she can buy herself more time if she is willing to undress for him. Becca looks a little disgusted at the prospect, so the official shrugs and says, "It's your choice." When the cuffs start to ratchet again, Becca decides it is in her best interests to comply after all.

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F2P - It's Your Choice - Becca

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