• F2P - Something You Must Do For Me - Jamie Daniels

Jamie Daniels - Something You Must Do For Me

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Jamie has been in debt for a while and the man she borrowed from is becoming impatient with her for not paying him back. So impatient, in fact, that he pays her a visit and threatens to set his boys on her if she doesn't come up with the money. After a few fingers are broken, he feels she will start to see reason. Jamie pleads for a little more time, but the lender is worried about his reputation; he does not want word to get about that he is going soft. He decides to have a little fun with Jamie. He tells her that if she is willing to strip in front of him, he will give her another week. Jamie refuses, but when the lender starts to call his boys, she panics and relents. The situation is worse than she feared, because not only does this awful man want her to undress, but he wants to undress her himself.

F2P - Something You Must Do For Me - Jamie Daniels

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