• F2P - Business Troubles - Vonka Romanov

17 minutes 50 seconds:  Vonka has been filing tax returns which contained small irregularities for years and no one seemed to notice, at least not until a tax auditor decided to have a closer look at the details. After complying with a request to submit additional paperwork, Vonka is visited by an auditor who explains to her that she is in a world of potential hurt, but also to reassure her that there is a way out of this situation, if she will only agree to take her clothes off. Vonka shifts uncomfortably in her seat, feigning lack of understanding. It's a hopeless stalling tactic; it's hardly likely that the auditor is going to change his mind. Looking very embarrassed, Vonka begins unbuttoning her blouse, doing her best to avoid looking at this lecherous man, and dreading the moment when he will make her remove her bra and panties.

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F2P - Business Troubles - Vonka Romanov

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