• F2P - Vonka Negotiates - Vonka Romanov

10 minutes 59 seconds:  Vonka works for a shady group who perform various deals for their own enhancement without any real accountability. Now they have a problem: Dave, a somewhat high profile person whose absence would be noticed and investigated, knows just a little too much about what they so, so they basically want to buy his silence. The trouble is, he wants too much, so they send in Vonka to try to reason with him, to encourage him to settle for a smaller cut. After some back and forth, Dave finally agrees to be more accommodating, but only if Vonka will agree to remove her clothes in front of him, exposing her entire body to his scrutiny. She is highly skeptical about this idea, but she too is answerable to these people and they expect her to secure an acceptable deal. If this is the only way to achieve that, at the same time saving her own skin, she really does not have many options. Reluctantly, she agrees to Dave's terms.

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F2P - Vonka Negotiates - Vonka Romanov

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