• F2P - Cost Of Closing - Jessica

Jessica - Cost Of Closing

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Realtor Jessica has been having trouble shifting properties for some time, but today she is seeing a client who has expressed some serious interest in a house up in the hills. She arrives, greets him and starts to go through her usual spiel, but before she gets far, the client says he will definitely buy the house if Jessica will strip for him. Jessica is outraged and tells him what to do with himself before returning to her car. Sitting inside the vehicle, she pauses to reflect on how badly she needs to make this sale. Finally, she goes back to the client and says she will do as he asks, but no touching, no fishy business. The client agrees, but then he would. Once Jessica is naked, he insists that they process the paperwork before she gets dressed again. Reluctantly, she agrees, only to find the client can't quite keep his hands off her after all.

F2P - Cost Of Closing - Jessica

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