• Compelled To Comply (MP4) - Jasmine St James

In this movie, Jasmine is forced to do as she is told but she does not get fully naked. She is a non-nude model.

Jasmine represents the board of a cosmetics company, and as a courtesy she has come to see Dave, one of their perfume developers, at home. Sales of his products have fallen off and she needs to impart the bad news that they will need to terminate his contract. Dave insists that his latest creation is much better, but when Jasmine persists in her attempts to fire him, he asks her to sample his latest creation. Reluctantly, Jasmine sniffs the new perfume and at first doesn't feel anything odd. When she is told to remove her jacket, however, she is astonished to find herself doing so. She demands to know what is going on as Dave tells her to unzip her dress and take it off. Jasmine asserts that she would never do such a thing, but then finds herself doing exactly as she is told. She can't believe it when Dave makes her kneel down in just her bra and panties and place her hands on her head. Her indignity continues as Dave makes her lie down on the floor, then hands her a pair of cuffs and tells her to lock them around her wrists.

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Compelled To Comply (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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