• F2P - Madison Swan Is Clothesjacked - Madison Swan

Madison Swan - Madison Swan Is Clothesjacked

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Madison has just arrived home and is looking forward to a relaxing evening. What she gets instead is an armed man leaning in through the open window of her van, telling her she has to remove her clothes because he wants them. In fact, he wants everything, her clothes, her money, or and her van. Unable to do anything to help herself, Madison is compelled to obey and starts by wriggling out of her tight skirt. Her bodysuit and tank top quickly follow, leaving her wearing nothing but her high heeled shoes. The man needs to make sure she won't raise the alarm before he gets safely away, so he makes Madison climb out of the van, ties her hand behind her back and leads her into the woods. He plans to tie her to a tree and leave her there, naked, until she can escape or until someone finds her. How embarrassing.

F2P - Madison Swan Is Clothesjacked - Madison Swan

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