• F2P - The Price Of A Loan - Lydia Lael

10 minutes 31 seconds:  Lydia is in desperate need of a loan, quite a large one, but she has already failed to pay back a previous loan in a timely manner. Not surprisingly, the lender is reluctant to accommodate her. Lydia tries to win sympathy by pointing out that no one wants to trust millennials with money. While this may not cut any ice, the lender does suggest a means by which he might be persuaded to change his mind - and that is, Lydia needs to strip for him and show him her entire body. Naturally, Lydia thinks this is a very bad idea and resists, but when she sees her only chance of that loan slipping away, she changes her mind and reluctantly agrees to as the lender asks.

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F2P - The Price Of A Loan - Lydia Lael

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